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The well-being of our people is at the foundation of everything we do. Driven by our 'Safety first' value, we are clear that our people and supply chain must go home safe and well at the end of every day.

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At the heart of Longley’s values is the firm belief that we send people home safe and healthy daily from work. We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, sub-contractors and clients. Their health and safety is our primary goal. Every part of our organisation actively promotes and participates in helping to maintain a positive health and safety culture.

Policy Statement - The following is a statement of the organisation’s health and safety policy in accordance with Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. It is the policy of Longley to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees working for the company and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings.

Longley acknowledges that the key to successful health and safety management requires an effective policy, organisation and arrangements, which reflect the commitment of senior management. To maintain that commitment, we will continually measure, monitor and revise where necessary, an annual plan to ensure that health and safety standards are adequately maintained.

The directors will implement the company’s health and safety policy and recommend any changes to meet new circumstances. Longley recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to successful business performance and will allocate adequate finances and resources to meet these needs. The management of Longley looks upon the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for themselves and their employees.

Therefore, management’s policy is to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property. Also, the organisation aims to protect everyone, including visitors and members of the public, insofar as they come into contact with our activities, from any foreseeable hazard or danger. All employees have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and are informed of their personal responsibilities to take due care of their health and safety of themselves and to ensure that they do not endanger other persons by their acts or omissions.

Employees are also informed that they must co-operate with the organisation to comply with the legal requirements placed upon it and in implementing this policy. Longley will ensure continued consultation with the workforce to enable all viewpoints and recommendations to be discussed at regular intervals. The organisation will ensure a systematic approach to identifying hazards, assessing the risks, determining suitable and sufficient control measures and informing employees of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment. We will provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe places and systems of work, safe plant and machinery, safe handling of materials and substances, the provision of adequate safety equipment and ensure that appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision are given.

We regard all health and safety legislation as the minimum standard and expect management to achieve their targets without compromising health and safety.

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We are very proud of our Senior Project Manager James O’Grady for his enthusiasm and commitment to support our continued effort to give back to our community.

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