Longley Group hosts a community-based workshop for the pupils at Cleveland Primary School.

Whilst the Longley Group are carrying major upgrades to the heating system at Cleveland Primary School, we decided to put together an experiential learning experience and invited 20 pupils to our onsite workshop. It was great to see all the pupils showing an interest in the works we are carrying out around the school whilst engaging in this 2hr long workshop hosted by project managers Sam Duggan and Alfie Longley.

During the workshop, our project managers discussions in detailed the following topics Health & Safety, PPE, General construction works, how to become a tradesperson and the types of tools that would typically be used. We then took 10 pupils at a time down into the basement and gave them a guided tour of the plant room (wearing full PPE!) and continued our discussion on how the heating system of the school works.

We invited the pupils to enter a drawing competition, they were asked to produce a plumbing related company name. Draw a company transit style van and produce a company logo. And draw a construction worker next to the van wearing personal protective equipment. Drawings had to include a hard hat, protective glasses, safety gloves and a hi-vis vest. There were some amazing drawings but there were only two winners, who were given £25 vouchers to spend at WHSmiths.

We felt overall the workshop was a total success and I’m sure we have found some of our future trade’s men and women.

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