Longley Group Workshop at Norman Road

July 17, 2023

Longley Norman Road Workshop

We are very proud of our Senior Project Manager James O’Grady for his enthusiasm and commitment to support our continued effort to give back to our community with another workshop for students from the 6th form of Ilford County High School.

In the class we explained how we make the cages from rebar to sit on the pile caps in the footings that have already been formed for the beams, then the beams had correx formers up the sides to stop the concrete running away. We also discussed the foundations, drainage, attenuation tank, block and beam floor, complete construction of the building and finally the 360% track machine this being the most important piece of plant currently on the project.  

James, delivered, an interesting and in-depth discussion on the process of how we got to where we are, what is the reason for the piles going into the ground, what is the reason for the ground beams and a brief description of how the rest of the building comes together to the point of topping out. Followed by a Q&A session for the students.

The 6th form students have already been invited back for a follow up workshop in the new year. This will be for the laying of bricks and blocks and all the processes of how it goes together. There will also be an opportunity for the students to get involved with this process.