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Barley Lane Primary School

Installation of 100 brand new grey aluminium windows installed throughout. Including new front entrance, fire doors and access control.

Type – Windows installed throughout 
Project Value – £350k
Duration – 8 weeks

Barley Lane is a large multicultural and premier school located in Goodmayes, Redbridge. The Longley Group were contracted to replace some of the windows in the school last year and the results were so impressive the school then asked for the majority of their windows to be replaced, with a grey aluminium window system. “Our school building has been transformed by our new window instalment and they are looking very smart” Mr Henry from the school’s newsletter.

There were 100 windows to replace, with a project value of approximately £350,000. As the work commenced and the old windows were being extracted it became apparent there was asbestos behind the window frames. HSC were notified and an asbestos team were brought in to safely remove the windows and remove any asbestos behind them, following all health and safety protocol. The new windows were then expertly installed. There were about 30 people on this project and the program was over an 8-week period, completing in the first week of October this year.