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Valentines High School

Type – Mechanical installation, electrical upgrades and building works. 
Project Value – £1m
Duration – 20 weeks

This project at Valentines High School in Ilford was successfully awarded to Longley via competitive tender bid as part of the planned preventive maintenance program (PPM), which commenced in November 2020. Valentine’s school was one of the most extensive packages within the awarded PPM contract that consisted of 5 schools.

This involved a replacement boiler plant room, heating distribution system upgrades to the sports building, boiler flue installation, new BMS panel, control wiring to the sports hall plant room, upgrading all electrical systems, components and light fittings, as well as replacing all power and lighting to the Design and Technology block and sub mains and cabling throughout.

Whilst carrying out the essential upgrades, it became apparent that there was a major issue with the school’s incoming gas mains; Longley installed a brand-new gas main trench and supply pipe from the incoming metering cupboard to the plant room,  which was over 220m, all within the original contract period to deliver an operational heating system.

Throughout the entire project and abiding by current Covid-19 regulations, the school was occupied with teachers and essential key worker’s children. Separating the trades whilst maintaining the program proved challenging to deliver within these tight timescales. Works were strategically planned with the school’s senior leadership team to avoid any risk to the pupils and staff, enabling them to attend the premises. The final stages of the project were completed over the half term week to avoid major disruption to the school.

Consultant Project Lead Michael Perschky and technical consultant Scott Tillsley from Ingleton Wood worked with Redbridge Council’s Project Lead Shamim Ahmed and Longley’s Joe Imber and George Habgood on this 16-week project valued at £700,000. Longley Group have built a reputation in this sector to successfully deliver these projects to high standards, within short timeframes and the client’s budgets and importantly with no Health & Safety issues. We are renowned for our diverse knowledge in the industry and ability to face challenges head on, while being conscious of the client’s needs and the wellbeing of the consumer.